April 16th results and a craft morning

Last night Mum sat in front of the TV knitting! We’re all in a crafty frame of mind. My craft fun began on Monday, with a visit to a craft morning with my friend Sharon’s Mum, Jillian. She invited me along to craft group at her local church while Sharon was at work, and had arranged for one of her friends to teach me to crochet. Jillian is an amazing knitter, and has made me a gorgeous beanie.


The morning was fabulous fun, with an Easter Bonnet competition, with the ladies all singing along to “Easter Parade” by Judy Garland (which I’m afraid I didn’t know) and parading in a gentle circle. A lovely lady called Joelle, who was French, won the competition, with what was by far the largest hat in the room. It also had toy musical chick onboard. I’m not sure what the judging criteria was, but big with multimedia is generally impressive in these situations. Jillian (Sharon’s Mum) taught Joelle how to knit, and to me, Joelle looks highly proficient now!

Easter Bonnet

Jillian began teaching me to crochet, however, soon after “crochet the master”, Kay took over and got me going in no time. We did refer to the no-so-dodgy 1970s relics I collected from my mother, and they were most helpful, but it having someone how you how to hold your “work” (see I know terminology!), all about tension and where to start was brilliant. I still have a ton of practice to do before I start making anything other than samplers, but I feel like I know where to go! Jillian is currently making an amazing chevron pattern crochet blanket for her new grandson, and it looks like she knows what she’s doing with crochet as well as knitting.

Kay and Jillian

I also won a special prize just for being there, and was able to choose a prize from the prize table. The prize I chose, an origami box, handmade by a lady from the craft croup who sadly passed away recently.


Onto today’s results, which kind-of included getting a letter in the post containing a disabled parking sticker! For those of you who’ve been waiting for this, it’s not as exciting as we’d hoped, as they only sent me the kind that gives you 100% extra time on any spot, but unfortunately doesn’t allow me parking in disabled spaces. Bummer!

Real results-wise, my liver function is still improving and I’ll have more scans after the next three week cycle. Chemo again tomorrow… What’s going on in my brain/skull is still a bit up in the air. It seem like the brain’s covering, the meninges, has some swelling in it as well, which has been causing headaches and disturbances. It makes more sense than it just being my skull creating swelling on my brain. The meninges is full of crazy amounts of nerves, so its not surprising its been causing me hassles. Not a whole lot can be done while I’m on chemo, especially chemo that’s working, so there’s some investigations underway to see what can/can’t be zapped with radiotherapy, if and when there’s a chance to zap them. There’s also a chance that the chemo is working on what’s going on in my bones and meninges, which we’ll hopefully find out in three-ish weeks when I get scan results!

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3 comments on “April 16th results and a craft morning
  1. Love the beanie !!!! and looks like it was a fun morning.. Results are certainly promising and hope it continues to improve quick smart !!!

  2. christine says:

    Hey maybe you can teach me to croquet?? i bought a needle(?) as i thought it would be a great way to kill time in the chemo chair. I also watched and read online but that is as far as i got. Good luck.

  3. francesmgill says:

    I can give it a go! I’m not sure I could get you past the first three stitches – kind of – but we might have to refer to YouTube for the rest. Lets make an afternoon of it one day soon!

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