The joy of a Jaffle

I’ve just had a jaffle for lunch and it was bloody enjoyable. I’ve ditched the old fancier sandwich press (it bit burned me a couple of times and takes up a lot of room in the cupboard) for a $7 jaffle iron from Big W – yes they only cost $7 – and if little things like that can make me happy it’s a good day!

I has roast roast lamb with chutney in it, in case you were wondering. The challenge is not to burn myself on it and regret the swap, although the fact the jaffle can be filled with semi-liquidy stuff makes it win every time. Until I burn my lip and curse it momentarily.

On another good-note, living in Footscray I have access to a wide variety of foods and amazing restaurants, but we’ve been a bit low on the “traditionals”. Fish and chips, hamburgers, that kind of thing. I don’t need any of those things, but since there’s so many gourmet burger chains and shops popping up everywhere – and I do love a good gourmet burger – and until now we haven’t had any in Foorscray. I haven’t tried the place in this article which has all of the latest and greatest burger bars in Melbourne, but I’m a bit chuffed that a place in Footscray made the list, and the theme and name… well it’s rather fitting, isn’t it? Instead of number on the markers they give you to indicate your table at cafes and bars, you get 8 bit characters, including maybe Pac-Man.

I definitely need to go there when I can walk a bit better, but in the meantime, can one of my local friends or followers please check it out? If it’s good – which I’m sure it is – I might be able to get someone to being me one. I like the look of the Altered Beast or the Double Dragon. Bacon, yum!

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4 comments on “The joy of a Jaffle
  1. Anne-Marie Hammill says:

    Hi Frances,
    Dont you just love toasted sandwiches and jaffles. I must say that we have them all the time over winter. Am usually over them by summer.
    How are you going with someone to knit your scarf?? Im sorry but am no good at knitting at all. Hopefully someone comes forward xx

    • francesmgill says:

      Hi Anne-Marie
      Yep, I think I have someone sorted for the scarf, my lovely godmother 🙂
      I agree on the toasted sandwiches, but we get to switch to salads ones then.
      See you soon!

  2. yesielts says:

    OMG YUMMMMMMMMMMM. Now, I want a burger and a toastie pronto.

  3. Hi Frances, Brad has been to the burger place, said they were okay, but Minna thought they were a bit greasy, as burgers are I guess!

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