A little break and a new chemo

The thing that sucks most about cancer treatment is side-effects. For me anyway. Sometimes there’s other things that suck more, but at the moment it’s side-effects. There’s drugs to stop, and minimise some side-effects and lotions, potions and pills to treat others, but sometimes they get to be too much. We (my medical team, my family and me), decided I needed a week off chemo to let me body recover a little bit, and then I’ll be swapping to a new chemo/aromatase inhibitor regimen.

Supposedly this new mix is pretty nasty to deal with at the start but settles down once they get the mix right. It’s great to know there are other options as well.

I’ll be enjoying my week off chemo and hoping my body recovers well before my birthday party!


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3 comments on “A little break and a new chemo
  1. yesielts says:

    Enjoy the break as much as you can and I hope the new regimen is a smooth transition.

  2. Toula says:

    It must feel like a mini holiday – no intrusion for a week. Rejuvenate, relax and enjoy the break. I too hope the new regime is tolerable and you have a non-eventful transition. Thinking of you and sending hugs and smile as always. Also, please remind me when your birthday is? Lots of love, Toula xx

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