Groundhog Day

… And it really is.

Since I’ve started this new chemo I’ve not really been able to plan anything, as I tend to have a busy day (which knock me around a bit) and the a washed-out day recovering from the day before. I’m also pretty wobbly on those days, making it hard for Mum to leave me due to falls risk.  My appetite it pretty bad, and I can’t handle too many rich foods, but I’m not doing too many.

I still can’t real properly, which is my main cause of frustration at the moment. That all sound terribly dreary, but it isn’t I got to enjoy my birthday and a few trip out for lunch and dinner.

I’m having weekly blood tests to monitor this chemo’s progress and side effects, but it would be greatly appreciated if people don’t ask Mum or Dad for that regular updates. We don’t get new information each week in most cases, and the amount of questions they get it quite taxing. While it might seem caring to ask, it tends towards being obtrusive when you’re trying to deal with so much else.

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