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Groundhog Day

… And it really is. Since I’ve started this new chemo I’ve not really been able to plan anything, as I tend to have a busy day (which knock me around a bit) and the a washed-out day recovering from

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A little break and a new chemo

The thing that sucks most about cancer treatment is side-effects. For me anyway. Sometimes there’s other things that suck more, but at the moment it’s side-effects. There’s drugs to stop, and minimise some side-effects and lotions, potions and pills to

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The joy of a Jaffle

I’ve just had a jaffle for lunch and it was bloody enjoyable. I’ve ditched the old fancier sandwich press (it bit burned me a couple of times and takes up a lot of room in the cupboard) for a $7

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A crafty request

My hands and feet have been severely knocked around by the chemo I’m on. I have a lot of numbness – caused by peripheral neuropathy – in my hands and feet. The feet stuff can be dangerous, as it affects

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Staying Alive

This isn’t likely to be a post about the Bee Gees, although who knows how it might turn out! I haven’t really got a plan, other than I need to give an update. Also ASOS has been down, tragically, due

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The Reverse Rhonda and other tidbits

Which should I choose? My head has given itself a “Reverse Rhonda” after my radiotherapy. From under the eyes up there’s what looks like sunburn, but thankfully it’s fading quite quickly due to the power of Aloe Vera, Calendula and

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A long-awaited update from me!

I think there’s a lot to update, however it will be slow going for me for a while. I wan write ok-ish, but I wasn’t really re-read what I an writing well, and I definitely can’t read properly, even close.

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Progress on a seemingly impossible task

You might recall an item on my wishlist, or unfinished business, where I’ve been chasing up some photos I had taken when I lived in London. The original post is here. Overnight my lovely friend from London, Deb sent me

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May the seventh be…. badder than bad stuff!

I was almost going to call this post “I am not a greeting card”, but I thought it would not only be confusing, bus inappropriate considering people are waiting to find out results. The greeting card statement comes form the

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May the fifth be…. better? Results day.

No beating around the bush. All of the little bits and bobs hanging around, unwanted, in my brain have not been playing fair. There are a couple of new bits, and one bob making itself known in a rather annoying

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