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The Reverse Rhonda and other tidbits

Which should I choose? My head has given itself a “Reverse Rhonda” after my radiotherapy. From under the eyes up there’s what looks like sunburn, but thankfully it’s fading quite quickly due to the power of Aloe Vera, Calendula and

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Beanie mission!

It’s not exactly cold yet, but I’ve decided I need a few beanies to keep my exposed noggin warm over winter. Mum’s getting out her knitting needles, and I’m going to learn to crochet. If anyone knows how, lessons are

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Is clicktivism useful?

At the risk of ruffling more feathers, I’ve been slightly perplexed by the whole #nomakeupselfie for breast cancer awareness that’s been circulating recently on the facebooks and twitters. The first one I saw really meant something to me. It was

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Last night’s engagement and foods that work.

The reunion went pretty well! It was rather fun, in fact. It was physically draining, but that’s just because I’ve been so unwell recently and am not used to going out. I did make the most of it, in terms

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Something gross, and beautiful

My hair has been falling out an alarming rate. That’s a good thing, because it makes it less annoying. I’ve found that combing it out with my fingers is the shower is easiest, but yesterday it left so much hair

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