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Groundhog Day

… And it really is. Since I’ve started this new chemo I’ve not really been able to plan anything, as I tend to have a busy day (which knock me around a bit) and the a washed-out day recovering from

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A little break and a new chemo

The thing that sucks most about cancer treatment is side-effects. For me anyway. Sometimes there’s other things that suck more, but at the moment it’s side-effects. There’s drugs to stop, and minimise some side-effects and lotions, potions and pills to

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A crafty request

My hands and feet have been severely knocked around by the chemo I’m on. I have a lot of numbness – caused by peripheral neuropathy – in my hands and feet. The feet stuff can be dangerous, as it affects

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Staying Alive

This isn’t likely to be a post about the Bee Gees, although who knows how it might turn out! I haven’t really got a plan, other than I need to give an update. Also ASOS has been down, tragically, due

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