Unfinished Business

This is not a “bucket list”, but a list of goals.
Some little, some achievable, and some pipedreams. We’ve all gotta have them.

I’d like to get some help with this. Friends, let’s make a date, have a glass of bubbly and go wild! Who’s in?

First point of business is trying to get access to some “glamour” photos I had taken in London in about 2004-5. A friend of mine won a competition to have our photos taken by a London studio in the popular Antipodean magazine, TNT. We thought it would be fun, and it was! We got our makeup done, and had a lot of really lovely photos taken on the day, and none of them were silly glamour shots. Just two young ladies in nice clothes looking pretty amazing. I thought so anyway.

We were having a lovely day, but when it came to pick the photos we wanted, the company sent in a really pushy salesman. I was expecting it, and honestly he wasn’t that bad, he was just doing his job, but he butted heads with my friend and she stormed out. I was a bit torn about what to do, and I followed her, and have pretty much regretted it ever since. I knew at the time after going through the process that I probably wasn’t going to get nice photos of me at that age again, and I really wanted some. I contacted the company before I left London to see if it was too late to buy some, but I never heard back.

Here’s the problem… It was nearly 10 years ago now, and I have absolutely no idea what the company was called. I have a feeling it was in Camden. I remember going to the pub afterwards in Camden… Don’t take my word for it.

Our first mission is to find this place, hope that they are still open, hope that they have photos from 10 years ago and hope that they let us buy some!!!

A list of achievable goals

At a writing workshop earlier in the week, I met an amazing young lady who’s just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It was very raw for her, as it would be for anyone, but the diagnosis was only weeks old, so she was incredibly brave to have shared it. When she announced it to the group my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach and something inside me ran cold.

As those of us going through stage 4 cancer know it’s tough to process, tough to tell people and not many people get it. I think all of those emotions hit me at once when I learned that someone sitting in front of me had just been floored by it.

During the workshop, she shared something else that I’ve been feeling regarding dreams and ambitions. I’ve by no means lived all of my dreams or had a chance to make enough ambitions for the years I’ve lived (I’ve never been crazily ambitious…), but her revelation about dreams and goalposts changing due to circumstances reminded me that 1. I have to finish this wishlist and 2. that when its been forming in my head over the past weeks that its shape has been low key and achievable. Its a shame that my dreams now need to be a bit more practical, but it will no doubt be easier to get at least some of them ticked off.

Some I’ll need to elaborate on, but here’s the beginnings.

The following trips away, visiting the following

Matt and Hayley in Launceston
Jac and Jase in Brisbane
Sharon on the Gold Coast
Anthony and Chels in the Hunter Valley
Jo and Dwayne in Tom Price or wherever they might be in WA the near future
Uncle Nev and family in Canberra with some gallery visits
Bindi and Jan in New Zealand
Visiting Miss Andrea in Perth

The following trips away….

One more big overseas trip somewhere to use some frequent flyer points. It will have to be somewhere with a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia. Maybe a trip back to London, up to see the Northern Lights, home via somewhere with a beach. One of the main barriers to me being able to do this, apart from health, is the lack of a ready-made travel partner (aka spouse or boyfriend) who generally make these trips easier to organise. I haven’t done a ton of travel on my own, but I certainly can’t do it anymore.

I’d love to see more of Australia, in particular Uluru and Kakadu. For someone so well travelled I’ve been pretty terrible at seeing my own country, and I’d like to see more. Tripping around seeing family and friends will get me to a few new places, but there are some big ones missing.

I’ve keep finding new things I want to do! This can’t be a bad thing… On the bling-bling theme again, I’d love to visit this lady in Horsham and do some courses. Anyone want to come with me? It’s a jewellery making course. I have so many bits and pieces I’ve collected on my travels and I need to turn them into things. I’d love to do a fine jewellery making course, but that might be a bit optimistic and costly. This stuff looks great, is made of real silver (and gold when you get better at it) and is withing my capabilities, physically and creatively. Bring on a trip to Horsham!

The other trip I’d like to do, which may be do-able, is an old-person river cruise in Europe. One last hurrah looking at lovely castles etc. along the Rhine from Amsterdam to Budapest. I’ve been told that nobody under 60 ever does these trips, but I don’t care about that. I can easily amuse myself either alone or mixing easily with over 60s all day long. I always feel like I missed out on that part of Europe a bit, and I want to see it.

I’m not much of a daredevil, so don’t expect to see skydiving and the like popping up on my list, but it might grow to include the odd show, treat or sporting event. See if you can help me out with ideas!

6 comments on “Unfinished Business
  1. Anne-marie Hammill says:

    Hi Frances, its Anne-marie Hammill. Just reading your blogs. I always am wanting to know how you and your lovely parents are. Just want to say that you are always in our thoughts, I was getting updates from Jackie. You truly are amazing how your positivity shines through. It does go a long way. Stay strong and always remember that we all do want to know how your doing. Xxxx

  2. David Siviour says:

    Probably your best bet to start is try emailing some glamour studios telling your story to so that you can come up with a name.

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